Frequently Asked Questions


Where is your office?

  • Asset Corp Plaza, 21 Obafemi Awolowo way, Ikeja (Nigeria)
  • Cape Town: Vasco Estate, Cape Town, 7460 (South Africa)

What’s the product warranties?


Do you offer discounts to businesses?

Yes, on orders over 5 units. Contact us today to learn more.

Where are the products made?

China and packaged in Nigeria. All of the world’s leading lithium battery companies are Chinese. Even Tesla’s supply chain is mainly Chinese.


Can my unit charge and discharge at the same time?

Some of the units can, some can not. Please read each individual technical sheet from the “more details here” tab on the home page.

Can I charge my TV, fan, fridge, etc.?

For devices with the AC output you can, but it is discouraged and will void warranty claim.. Juice products are primarily meant for home or portable office use (laptop, phones, USB and USB-C-charging devices).

Why is my Home Office device battery making noise and/or draining quickly?

Please check that you have “double-clicked” the on-off button to turn off your inverter. The inverter should only be used when using the AC port. 

Why is my device showing an “Er” message?

This is likely the result of overloading the device with appliances that are not its intended use (fans, TVs, microwave, etc.). Contact us and we can help you troubleshoot and replace the device if it meets warranty support.

You still have a question?

If you cannot find answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us. We will answer to you shortly!